Photo of J. M. Blum J. M. Blum - Fantasy Author

About J. M. Blum

J. M. Blum was born in ‘77, in a forest grove of the Pacific Northwest. Comic books and Commodores informed his childhood, along with tales of wonder from books, radio, tv, movies, and even stories spoken over rotary telephones. But games around tables co-creating meaningful stories has always been a great passion.

Blum attended Virtual High in Vancouver, BC in the ’90s. He wrote some unpublished poetry about it. Then he hung out at an ashram and went traveling before attending the Center for Digital Imaging and Sound in the noughties to take up video game programming; which he eschewed for academic and industrial computer and data science/engineering. He wrote a PhD thesis, published papers in journals and conference proceedings, and wrote a great deal of technical content and programs. But he missed fiction.

So the prodigal son has come home with the publication of his first novel, The Forbidden Dæmon. Blum’s present home is in Belgium after living more than a decade in the UK. He’s a proud dad of three, and a happy husband too. With love for the writing process, he expects to continue producing The Entwined Spirits Saga along with many more works for years to come. You can follow along the journey by signing up to his newsletter and following his fantastical thoughts on Twitter and Facebook.